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Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Conscious breathing simply means you focus on your breath. We all came into this physical world on Earth with breath. Slowly inhaling and exhaling is all you have to do. Train your brain to focus on the inhale and feel the air fill your lungs, then slowly and gently, exhale. As you inhale, focus on the calming feelings of gratefulness and relax your body as if you are a rag doll draped over a chair completely relaxed. There are several kinds of breathing

With a long history connected to yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, alternate nostril breathing has been proven helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Since stress is one of the leading causes of all disease, you should consider trying alternate nostril breathing. As you breathe, realize you have the ability to control your reaction to situations; realize your part in maintaining and rejuvenating your own health.

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Choo, Choo, Choo Breath

Inhale a full breath of clean fresh air; when you exhale, make the sound choo, choo, choo. Stop and start to jolt the ribcage. This breath activates the muscles in between each rib (intercostal muscles). The constriction and expansion of the intercostal muscles help to pump lymphatic fluid. The movement of lymphatic fluid plays an important part in our immune system health. Our overall health depends on our body’s ability to fight off disease, viruses and bacteria. The lymphatic moving choo, choo, choo breath or a lymphatic massage helps the body heal itself.

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