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Brain Wave Vibration Technique For Stress Relief

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Brain Wave Vibration is the gentle, beneficial practice of moving your head and upper body to your own internal rhythm.

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Brain Wave Vibration Can Help You To:

  • Decrease stress
  • Regain physical vitality
  • Increase circulation to the brain
  • Decrease headaches
  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing ability

As with any exercise program, consult with your physician if you have any health concerns. Although music is not necessary, using music when you practice can make it easier to get into the rhythm.

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just above the line of your teeth. Move your head from side to side. This is the most simple and convenient form of Brain Wave Vibration. It can be done standing, sitting or lying down, and is designed to deliver vibrations directly to your brain stem for immediate tension release and deep relaxation. Try it any time during the day, even while working at your desk to refresh your brain. Just three minutes will clear your head, enhance your focus and leave you feeling more energized.

I suggest you start brain wave slow, maybe lay down. Every morning, before you get out of bed, program your day or release your pain using brain wave. Find a song that is uplifting and make it your morning theme song. Play your five-minute theme song and start slow, turn your head back and forth as if you were slowly saying no. Eventually a 10-minute song can be used and you will create a calming routine that you look forward to doing every day.

Vibration Exercise – Body and Brain Yoga Quick Class:

A quick 7 minute vibration exercise to get circulation circulating through your body and awareness of your body’s tension.

  • Helps to wake up and for evenings to release stress from the day
  • Great for ridding tiredness throughout the day
  • Play your favorite music and enjoy


Brain Wave Vibration for Body and Brain Exercise:


  • Energy will naturally flow…
  • Refresh and rejuvenate
  • Do for 5-10 min daily or when stressed


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