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Cell Salts are FOOD for our CELLS!

Are you feeling off balance? Are your supplements not working? 

With the amount of stress life brings, your lifestyle choices and echo system will most likely fluctuate. When your body is out of balance and depleted with nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin and hair, strong bones, sleep, and fluid balance, the results will be evident with dry skin, varicose veins, brittle falling fair, osteoporosis, weak teeth, weight pain/fluid retention, constipation and the list goes on…

It’s not only the look and feel of the skin that are affected by nutrient/mineral deficiencies. You may also feel tired, depressed, anxious, have trouble sleeping, lingering coughs and colds, nervous tension, cramps and neuralgia, digestion problems, and difficulty detoxifying.

When you hit that low, you can take the best quality supplements and eat nutrient-dense foods, but your body will struggle to break down and metabolize supplements that require digestion to assimilate into your cells. I believe most of the supplements we ingest are not utilized by our cells and often clog our liver.

Incorporating Cell Salts into our daily regimen is not only safe but the quickest and easiest way to feed our cells. Cell Salts are FOOD for our CELLS!

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Homeopathy is a system of medicine that speaks the language of the patient.

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"My son was having a hard time shaking his cold, so Gwen recommended a few Cell salts. They were easy to purchase at my local health food store and easy to take. He started feeling better within 24-hrs, which was terrific. I now have all 12 Cell salts and a few books to reference for simple family day-to-day health issues."

Libby, NH

"These yummy little pills have completely relieved my painful hemorrhoids. I’ve suffered from painful hemorrhoids and constipation for over ten years. I am very relieved I found a solution."

Client in GA

"I came to Gwen wanting to get rid of my varicose veins, and after a few months, they are much less prominent. I can finally wear a dress and bathing suit without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious."

Shirley, CA

"After a bad case of Covid, I was left with debilitating weakness and fatigue. Gwen recommended one specific cell salt, and within a few days, I noticed a big difference. I am looking forward to seeing what else can improve using Cell Salts."

Courtney, ME

"I took my child to Gwen to get help with his ADD. During our first meeting with her, she asked about his teeth, history of root canals, and cavities. In addition to using Homeopathy for his ADD, Gwen also recommended a few Cell Salts to help his teeth enamel and reduce cavities. It’s been over one year now, and his ADD is significantly lessened, but NO MORE CAVITIES!"

One happy Mom, MA


  • Gentle
  • Absorbed rapidly
  • Natural
  • Pleasant tasting
  • Convenient to carry
  • Non-toxic and non-addictive
  • Safe to use with prescription medicines
  • Suitable for broad, general health complaints (unlike classic homeopathy, which requires more precise symptom matching).

Interested in learning more? Here are some terrific resources:

  • If you’re interested in further reading, Miranda Castro provides a great introduction to the tissue salts on her website. learn more
  • 12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health: An Introduction To Cell Salts learn more
  • Nature's 12 Magic Healers: Using Homeopathic Cell Salts to Protect or Restore Health learn more

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